Manchester United – Crisis or Reality check? 0

“We’ll go wild, wild, wild, we’ll go wild, wild, wild, Come on David Moyes, play like Fergie’s boys!”  The most recent chants you will hear from the United fans, cheering their beloved Red Devils on.  A song that is definitely a reflection on what the fans wish to see of their team, as United have the same members of the team that won the title last year with new 1 addition Marouane Fellaini who followed the newly appointed boss from Everton.

After this weekend’s loss versus Newcastle United at home, keeps United in 9th position with a record of 6 wins, 4 losses, and 5 draws. After Manchester’s win over Leverkusen in the Champions League, they have seemed to have started to decline as they drew with Tottenham Hotspur, lost to Moyes’ former club Everton at Old Trafford, and most recently lost to Newcastle at Old Trafford as well. These recent results surely has Moyes and company scratching their heads, along with the fans wondering what is missing from this team?  Is this a crisis period for the Red Devils, or is it simply a realty check?

FergieeeA reality check to what?

The reality check for many is the impact that Sir Alex Ferguson(Fergie) had with Manchester United, we all knew he was a fantastic manager, but this display by United is showing how Fergie could take a limited squad mixed with great to average talent, and get the best out of them.  His presence alone on the bench boosts a teams confidence, and reassures them that the boss will guide us to victory, even when the team seems to be out of ideas Fergie would make a quick change, and then perhaps come on the sideline and the teams performance gets raised immensely, it is an incredible sight to see as a fan of football. The departure of Fergie has everyone, including the players questioning whether or not David Moyes is the right man for the job.

What needs to happen.

When looking at Manchester United play teams they have lost that fearsome presence that many teams feared and respected, not fully, but you can see teams being more adventurous and brave when attacking, and playing, even at Old Trafford.  Most of the players seem to be going through the motions of playing and not playing with that heart, that fire that S.A.F would instill in them, and this needs to change. The players need to commit themselves to what Moyes is asking of them and believe in his methods and show it out on the field. Perhaps this will get them winning again, perhaps it will not, but at least the fans will know the players are attempting to change and give Moyes a chance. When this happens the team can finally get themselves on the right track and not look like their is no purpose to their playing. Is Moyes the man for the job? We will not fully know if everyone does not give him a chance, Manchester is a club that will give him a chance to prove himself, now as said before is the players need to follow suit, and then perhaps you will see a United of old with a hint of Moyes magic.