Arsene Wenger’s Woes 0

“Spend!” That is the shout you hear from Arsenal fans as Arsenal lost 1-3 to Aston Villa at Emirates Stadium.
Arsenal looked to be off to a great start as Oxlade Chamberlain ran down the left and passed a ball in to the feet of striker Olivier Giroud to give The Gunners the lead with just 6 minutes on the clock.

After the game settled a little bit Aston Villa showed that they came here with a purpose and with a winning mentality as they started to press more, have good possession of the ball and create chances on target.

A slippery run from Agbonlahor through the middle of Arsenal brought Szczęsny out to collect the ball, only to collect the feet of Agbonlahor, giving Villa a penalty in the 22′ minute.

Christian Benteke  stepped up and struck a poor shot as Szczęsny got to the ball but only parried it in the air to an alert Benteke Bentekewho made sure to get the ball in the net this time and nodded it home.

Then in the second half Agbonlahor once again made a dashing run forward causing Koscielny to make a sliding tackle in the box, which in turned caused a controversial penalty call. Benteke stepped up once again and slotted the ball in the back of the net, putting Villa up 2-1 in the 61′ minute.

Arsenal tried to fight back, but the Villa players seemed to be quicker to ball, and hungrier to get the victory. Things got worse for Arsenal as Koscielny had a late tackle and got himself a second yellow and was sent off leaving the Gunners with 10 men and down 1 goal.

Villa sealed things in the 85′ minute as they countered from a poorly taken corner kick and Weimann carried the ball up to the half and then made an amazing through ball splitting the defense giving Antonio Luna a 1 on 1 opportunity vs Szczęsny and he did not miss giving Villa a 3-1 lead and sealing the victory.