No bites for Suarez 0

Suarez2Luis Suarez(26) has been one of the main headlines this summer as the Liverpool forward has expressed his unhappiness with the English media and has a desire to move away from the pressure. This news brought concern and the fans sympathized with the player, understanding that his moments of madness fuel the press but it is an ordeal that can mentally fatigue a player and his family. Suarez is a special talent and without him Liverpool FC more than likely would not have finished in 7th, as he scored 30 goals in all competitions, 23 of those were Premier League goals.

Suarez no doubt has immense talent and along with that talent comes immense baggage with his on field antics, so it puts a question to mind “is his talent enough to convince a manager to deal with the baggage?” One would think that an experienced manager would see Suarez as a great asset to any clubs, and would love to have him with their club, but, the manager would also want to grab hold of the reigns and calm down Suarez and let him flourish without any of the drama.

Players respond to managers in different ways, they will respect the manager and do what he says, but sometimes when a manager tries to¬† relate and get through to a player it doesn’t always work out, and perhaps that is the case with Rodgers and Suarez. There is a respect for one another but there is still a break down in communication in some area, and he just simply cannot fully get through to Suarez. Along with this slight communication barrier, Liverpool has not made Champions League in quite some time and a player of Suarez’s caliber desires to play in the best competition against the top clubs of Europe and prove his worth on that stage, and with the way LFC has reformed everything Suarez does not see this happening in near future.

It is understandable that Suarez wishes to seek greener pastures and perhaps gain Champions League glory, and some sort of silverware, but the way he has been going about it has not been the best of choices. Stating that you wish to leave due to English media being too hard on his life, is an understandable thing that anyone can understand, but then there has been speculation of Suarez perhaps staying in the Premier League and Arsenal trying to gain the players services and him being open to a move to another Premier League Club.

This could have all been tactics by various parties with all various intentions, Arsenal could have been putting pressure on Liverpool, they could have been showing the fans and media that they want to buy big this summer, or it could have been a smoke screen for something else. Suarez could be saying he would possibly stay in the Premier League to make other top clubs in Europe feel the urgency to sign the player and throw in some offers, but either way you cut it, Suarez has been playing for LFC in their preseason games, looking disgruntled and no offers have been put on the table. Perhaps it is time to change the approach so he gets out of LFC and the Premier League as there is still some time left in the transfer window, or maybe he should just suck it up, play his football, and maybe in January he will get scooped up.