Is Gareth Bale-ing ? 0

AVB BaleEvery football fan in the world knows the biggest story thus far in the transfer window has and is the talks of Tottenham Hotspur’s player, Gareth Bale(24) being coaxed over to the Spanish giants Real Madrid. Gareth Bale has had a tremendous 2012-2013 season, scoring a total of 26 goals in all competitions and many of those goals were game changing goals, and almost every one of those goals were a spectacle to behold. Without Bale this season Tottenham more than likely would have finished somewhere about the mid table and not missed out on Champions League player by 1 point.

With Gareth, Spurs were a force to be reckoned with, almost like an unleashed beast, having teams wonder what the Welsh wizard would come up with and cowering with the thought of dealing with him. Without Bale, you could definitely see that they were more of a tamed animal, and teams felt more comfortable pressing and attacking when they did not have to worry about the blistering pace of Bale, and his powerful, accurate left foot.

Much like Robin Van Persie, and Luis Suarez, Bale desires to win trophies and play in the the Champions League against the titans of the footballing world, showcasing his talents as he did under Harry Redknapp against Inter Milan back in 2010. Bale has had a taste of Champions League play and desires it once more and many sources are saying that Bale is ready for a change and desires a move for Real Madrid, the reliability of the sources is questionable.

Record breaking figures are being thrown around and different sources are saying that Real Madrid are willing to offer 50 million € plus two Madrid players who would bring the total to somewhere in the 80 – 90 million € price range. Journalist, Gabriele Marcotti, wrote an article for espnfc stating the flaws in that deal, dealing with players current contract lengths, wages Tottenham would have to take on with these players would actually not be a good deal at all. Also would Spurs want those players in the first place?

The most recent rumor making its way through the rumor mill would be that Tottenham will sell Bale if Madrid pays 100 million € plus young forward Álvaro Morata(20). At the present moment there has been no official word from any parties just silly season doing what it does best, and that is cause drama, and make people pull out their hair wondering what is really going on.

Should Bale stay? Perhaps the timing isn’t right for him to leave, he is young still and only going to improve as a player as he becomes smarter and his vision increases. Along with Bale’s abilities improving, André Villas-Boas has been busy this transfer window and has been securing excellent additions to strengthen Spurs squad making them contenders for the title and if not definitely a top 4 spot, this should be seen by Gareth as the club trying to facilitate him and wanting him to stay and should give the club and his manager at least 1 more year to see how things pan out.

Real Madrid are pulling out all the tricks, getting players to give Bale praise, encourage him to come to the Bernabéu and even people claim that Zidane has stated that ” If Bale does not come this summer, he may not get another chance.” That is bullying tactics and frankly a bit absurd as Gareth will only improve and then his value will go up and he will be wanted by top clubs the following year so him giving Tottenham another year seems like a wise decision, as he will get a lot of playing time and a chance to help journey with his team to the next level, yes he may get injured, but he may get injured at Madrid, he may end up struggling to adapt and end up sitting on the bench with former teammate Luka Modrić.

There are many variables to the equation that can show the benefits and negatives of either of his decisions.  Gareth can choose to solidify himself as a legend at Tottenham, in the Premier League, and in football, or he can choose to be an asset at Real Madrid living in Cristiano Ronaldo’s shadow for some time.