All Eyes On AVB 0

Andrè Villas Boas(AVB) has been under the microscope for some time now, and the pressure has continued to pile up on the Portuguese manager this season. All eyes will continue to be on AVB as they head to the Stadium Of Light to do battle with Sunderland AFC on Saturday, December 7th.  The scrutiny that AVB has been under has come due to the fact that Tottenham have sold their best player and now have splashed the cash to purchase 7 players of a high caliber that Spurs faithful and pundits alike have come  to expect them to finish in the top 4 and some even said race for the title.

As the season progressed Spurs got off to a good start defending well and coming up with the points even if they were 1-0 or 2-1 wins, or draws, the point was they were climbing the ranks and battling among the leaders in the top 4, things were looking bright, especially if the team started scoring more they would definitely be a shoe in for a top 4 spot and possibly a title race.  Even though Spurs were always in the top 5 a lot of people were not fully convinced with the team as the wins were not very convincing, and Spurs had to dig out some wins with penalties, and then came Newcastle. An early goal from Remy put Spurs on the back foot and as Chris Kamara would say “Newcastle defended like beavers”  along with Tim Krul having a stellar game playing out of his skin to keep his team in the lead.

Newcastle’s 1-0 victory was the dent in the armor that had the journalists and other teams smelling blood, and the attacks on AVB started. A lot of people still had faith that it was a minor blip and the team would go back to business, enter Manchester City.  Tottenham went to the Etihad and met up a City on a mission, and that mission was to make a point that they were true title contenders and other teams need to be worried. Manchester City sent Spurs back to London with a 6-0 defeat.

AVBAVB and the boys then pulled out a 2-0 victory over Tromso in the Europa League, and  then waited for the other part of Manchester to come to White Hart Lane to play in their first meeting of the Premier League this season. David Moyes the man who took over Sir Alex Fergusons boys had been having an up and down season maintaining a mid table spot, very unlike the Red Devils, also wanted to prove a point that he is able to put them back in the top 4 where they are used to. Coming off of a 5-0 win over Bayer Leverkusen in the Champions League the Red Devils looked to be the favorite in this next fixture.  AVB and Spurs had the better game and lead twice, but an unfortunate error from Kyle Walker and a questionable penalty gave themselves a draw and 1 point.

This performance was filled with mixed emotions, as the team played well but felt disappointed to not get the 3 points. This performance would have silenced the critics a little bit, but it brought something out of AVB and he had a go in the post match conference at Neil Ashton and Martin Samuel of the Daily Mail who have been two of the journalists who have questioned AVB as a Manager.  Some say it was a bit immature of him, but it was something that he felt necessary to get off his chest and he has certain values and ethics that he felt that the journalists were attacking.

AVB and surely the players have all felt under pressure from the media and the fans as the fans demand glory, and some seem to be quite impatient and disagree with the “tactics” of the Portuguese manager.  The next game surely was crucial in getting Spurs back on track, and it was at Caven Cottage vs Fulham, who now had Rene Meulensteen at the helm after Martin Jol’s departure. Spurs went down 1-1 early on and it looked very dim for the team as they could not create anything to penetrate the Fulham defense and Spurs fans were holding on to whatever faith and hope they had that the team could pull together and get a draw and a point.  In the 73rd minute new signing Vlad Chiriches got Spurs the breakthrough that they needed with a left footed strike from a Fulham clearance that went through everyone and beat Steckelenberg into the goal. This is exactly what the fans and the team needed to bring that extra boost into play, and substitute Lewis Holtby would not be satisfied with a draw as he cut into the center on top of the 18 yard box and let go a screamer that put Tottenham in the lead in the 82nd minute.

Tottenham held on to the lead and got themselves the 3 points putting them in 6th place, 3 points behind the 4th place spot. Will Spurs be able to pull off another win? Will AVB and the team finally start to fire on all cylinders? Many Spurs fans are waiting for that moment to come, and many are doubting it will happen. The team needs to find their bearings quickly, and need to be enjoying their football with the full support of the fans, and hopefully they will become the team that every Spurs fan knows they have the potential to become. Until then, hold on to your seats and prepare yourselves for a nerve racking season once again.