David Moyes – Not An Easy Road 0

Manchester United’s newly appointed Manager David Moyes is under the microscope and getting criticized for every move that he does, or does not do.  Many worry that he was the not the correct choice to be Fergie’s successor, and that he will drop the club from being Premier League champions to a mid-table team. Others believe that with time he will settle in and there is nothing to worry about.  David Moyes needs to be wearing some comfortable shoes because it is not an easy road ahead.

In the Premier League so far Moyes and the Red Devils have won 4, drew 2, and lost 3 games thus far.  They have won 2 matches in the Capital One Cup over Liverpool, and a thrashing of Norwich, and are yet to lose in the Champions League group stage with 2 wins and 1 draw. For any manager that is not a bad start, it is not an exceptional normal standard for the Red Devils, but what can you expect when there have been major changes within the club. Yes the changes in players is minimal, and basically the same team as when Sir Alex Ferguson was in control but Moyes is no Fergie. Moyes came from a club where pressure was not as intense and the expectations from the fans and the club where no where near the magnitude of Manchester United.

Moyes has come in shook things up bringing in a lot of his own staff, and wanting to introduce his philosophy of football on the players and fans, perhaps in some sense he has done it in such a way to not have himself being compared to Fergie all the time and say to everyone ” I am the boss now and this is how I do things.” Board members and members of the club can respect that and sit back and see what he produces, but players who have grown and matured under Sir Alex Ferguson more than likely did not take well to this new intrusion into their way of doing things, after all they are “Fergie’s Boys.”

Moyes is adjusting to everything around him and the players and vice versa, but these things take time and everyone needs to be patient with him. There have been questionable line-ups, substitutes made, and tactics deployed by the Scotsman but this is to expected when trying to get out of the shadow of S.A.F. An Example would be Moyes having a 1-0 lead and bringing on another defender to lock up shock and sit back and allow pressure to come in the last minutes of the game, and if anyone knows Manchester United they know that in the past the last minutes of the game is when the Red Devils are most dangerous and they throw everything at their opponent to get a solid victory.

Some of these things have people on edge about Moyes and are uncertain if he will be able to have that charisma that S.A.F has, but that charisma was built over a long period at the club. David Moyes needs patience and understanding from the players and the club, and in time they will find their rhythm and things will fall back into place, but until then they must weather this storm of insecurity, timidness, and cautious behavior of David Moyes.